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Workshops & Seminars at United Studios of Self Defense of Commack

Useful events that give our local community members the skills they need to protect themselves and their loved ones.


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At United Studios of Self Defense of Commack,
we take safety seriously.

We are proud to offer the Commack community workshops on important topics such as:

and more!

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We all train together like a team. The more experienced members spar and help the newest members. Although we take our training seriously, we make sure that you have a ton of fun while you get in the best shape of your life.

Women's Self-Defense

This course is a MUST have for ALL women. We live in a society where there are people out there that want hurt us, and we never know when that might be.


Whether or not you were personally attacked by someone, are worried about being attacked, or just want to know what to do if you are attacked, we will give you the confidence to not only use what you learn, but use it effectively and safely.


There is no type of physical requirement for you to attend this course. If you can walk, we can help. If you have some type of physical challenge, the bad guy doesn't care or discriminate. In fact in some cases it could make you a target. We will teach you to use what you have to realistically defend yourself against an attacker.

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5-week course

Anti-Bully Program

Stop bullying in its tracks with our Anti Bully Workshops!


Your child will learn a series of steps to defeat bullies and will gain increased self-confidence, all while learning a few cool martial arts moves. We also provide parent-specific information about handling bullying.


Bullies thrive on attacking (physically or emotionally) people that they see as weak. Kids who are bullied often have low confidence levels, inability to concentrate on school work, lack of focus and high stress levels. Martial arts helps combat these issues.

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Stranger Danger

Unfortunately, we live in a "not so safe world." We hear about children going missing on the news all the time.


Here at United Studios of Self Defense of Commack, we continuously blend in our safety tips and strategies in our everyday classes, teaching your children how to stay safe. Our Stranger Danger program shows kids how how to free themselves from dangerous situations confidently and effectively.


In order to protect our most prized possessions, we must make our children aware of the obvious and hidden dangers that lurk about in our society. We can't be afraid to talk with them!

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Here at USSD of Commack, we have an extensive weapons program. Hanshi Boritz has been training with weapons for over 35 years.


Weapons training helps enhance a variety of skill sets. It would be very rare for you to even have the opportunity to use most of these weapons in todays modern society, however you will learn how to apply these skill sets to real combat, whether or not you have a weapon to defend yourself. This helps develop your eye/hand coordination, which inevitably enables you to defend yourself effortlessly.

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