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Kids Martial Arts Classes:

The best decision you will make for your child!

Enroll your child in martial arts classes and discover the amazing benefits they will experience in all aspects of their lives!


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Our children’s program is geared around:  Focus, Fitness, Fun and Character development!

Our unique belt-earning strategy is grounded in a positive reinforcement system that allows each child to set and attain short, mid, and long term goals.

Martial arts help teach self-discipline and socialization skills. In fact, many parents whose children have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) report great success with these programs because self-control and concentration are commonly underdeveloped skills in ADHD kids.

The goals that we set with each child are three fold:

• Physical

• Mental

• Emotional

Progress through our belts is built on predetermined improvement in all of these areas. Goals are individually created for each child based upon his/her needs, and recommendations to test for the next rank are based upon these goals. The goals are not limited to martial arts, but also include respect, focus, and following directions outside of our studio.

Our experience has shown that children that have enrolled in our martial arts training program have seen an improvement in their other sports, their academics, and other activities, as well as reduced the likelihood of them being a target of bullying.

Although many individuals may choose a martial arts studio based solely on geographic convenience or price, we feel that studying martial arts is a life learning experience that can have a profound impact on your child’s development. Therefore, we want to make sure you have all the facts before making this important decision. Because of the powerful influence a black belt instructor has on a child, this decision must not be made solely on the philosophy of the studio, but on the instructor’s training and actual ability to translate this philosophy to your child.

At Millennium Martial Arts & Fitness Center, we Teach the Same Values You Teach at Home.

Our martial arts classes foster respect in all senses of the word. Your children will learn not only to respect others, but to respect themselves as well. Self-confidence is key in carrying respect into the home, school, and other social situations.

Little Dragons

This childrens martial art program is geared towards the younger age group.


Our fun lessons will improve eye-hand coordination, focus, self-discipline, and allow kids a chance to exercise and socialize with other students. This class gives the student the basic skills necessary to adapt to their ever changing environment.


There is no belt testing for this group, instead when they have reached the skill necessary to move on, they will be presented with a new belt. Each student receives a full uniform with your enrollment.

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3-6 Yrs

30-minute classes

Seating for parents

Free uniform with trial


Kids Karate Classes

The Juniors program is specially designed for children ages 6 to 12.


It helps to improve children’s focus and listening skills, self-esteem, and gross motor skills. Students learn self-discipline in a fun, structured program that helps build self-control, balance, fitness and flexibility.


We recognize that 6 to 12 year olds have very different developmental needs than their older counterparts in the Teens and Adults Program. The Kids Karate Classes program bridges that developmental gap and prepares students for the Teens and Adults Program.

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6-12 Yrs

Helps kids build confidence

Teaches respect for others

Excellent form of exercise

Helps kids develop control of their emotions

Birthday Parties

Learn all about our awesome Karate Birthday Parties

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4-12 Yrs

Handled by an experienced instructor

Always FUN and safe

No martial arts experience necessary!

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Children Programs