our philosophy

At our Martial Arts School we have an approach to teaching martial arts that is balanced between traditional and modern philosophy.   Our students practice as partners, not opponents and we really strive to create a family atmosphere that develops discipline and skill all while having fun.

We would be honored to have the opportunity to introduce you to our martial arts family and are confident you will find that there is no school in the area that can provide a more professional, safe, and clean environment then our martial arts school.

In addition to our Philosphy is our Three Rules of The School, and Five Principles:


Respect: Treating others the way you want to be treated
Self Discipline: Do the right thing whether you want to or not
Self Control: Control your behavior

The Five Principles

Effort: Learn to exert both your physical and mental powers.  To put forth an exertion of strength or power, mentally or physically.

Etiquette: The conventional code of good manners and ethics that govern our behavior in society; this includes home, school, and work venues.

Sincerity: Honesty of mind and intention.  Always tell the truth and say and do exactly
what you said you would do.  

Self-Control: Control over one’s impulses, weaknesses and emotions; this will help you focus on the task on hand.  To finish what you begin is a top priority.

Character: The total sum of characters making up an individual.  Strive to be a person of sound and excellent moral character.  Work at trying to be the type of person you really want to be.

We believe these principles are the building blocks that create outstanding members of society and help our students reach their maximum potential.  We also maintain a positive and respectful environment by enforcing the Code of Conduct.  (See rules of the School)