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We are United Studios of Self Defense of Commack, America's self defense leader. We specialize in Kempo Karate, Jui-Jitsu and Traditional Shaolin Kung-Fu. We offer age specific classes with a very flexible schedule. We offer a variety of programs to suit every age and gender. We are conveniently located at  6524 Jericho Turnpike, Commack, N.Y. in the Commack Corners shopping center at the corner of Commack Rd. and Jericho Turnpike.

We have been Long Island's premiere Martial Arts facility for over 19 years. We focus on offering the most professional training available in a fun, exciting environment.  Our students develop skills and discipline that reflect positively in all aspects of their lives, all while getting in the best shape of their lives.

We train children of all ages as well as adult men and women. There are no prerequisite skills, from complete beginner students to advanced black belts, anyone can enjoy our programs and improve their lives.

Our school combines excellent instructors with exciting curriculum and state of the arts facilities. We focus on our students individual goals and we help them achieve new goals they never imagined possible.

We are honored you have chosen United Studios of Self Defense of Commack and look forward to having you be a part of our team.  You have already taken the first step by being here, now call us to find out about our free trial lesson and begin the Martial Arts journey with us.  We can’t wait to have you train at our Dojo soon!

Kempo Karate is one of the oldest forms of martial arts. All martial arts have their origins in India. A man named Bodhidharma was a Buddhist monk who traveled into China, and in return for the monks teachings and lodging, he taught them his fighting art Chuan Fa which is Chinese for Kempo, as well as the Buddhism principles. The monks were in a poor condition physically and mentally, due to the amount of time the monks spent in meditation without any physical exercise. By the time Bodhidharma left the temple, the Monks were performing masterful feats of martial skill, and the temple of Shaolin was never the same. From that point on the Monks were no longer the subject of abuse or ridicule. They had gained respect in their community and on an international level even today. Thus Kempo’s origins are in China from the monks of the Shaolin. The English definition of Kempo is fist law.

The Five Animals

THE FIVE ANIMALS that our Shaolin Kempo System is based on are: the Tiger, the Dragon, the Leopard, the Crane, and the Snake.


The Tiger is noted for its courage, tenacity and power. It is the physically strongest of all the five animals; using straight ahead attacks, ripping and tearing as it moves, always pressing. The movement of the Tiger develops strong bones and a strong back.


From the Dragon, we learn to “Ride the Wind.” The Dragon is especially noted for its flexibility even though it is the only mythological creature of the Shaolin Art, it is the only one that can fight on land, water or in the sky. The Dragon uses rising and falling motions, as well as twisting and turning movements to overcome its adversaries. The Dragon helps develop inner strength.


The Leopard teaches us timing and speed, as well as coordination and footwork. Although smaller than the Tiger, the Leopard is actually stronger for its size because of its long, smooth muscle structure and sleek body frame. The Leopard’s power is primarily produced from a loose, relaxed whip-like action; generated by speed and balance as well as limber waist and hip movements. The Leopard helps develop conditioning of the skin, tendons and bones.


The Crane is noted for its balance, grace and agility. It represents longevity and helps us develop concentration and patience. It has a calm, quiet nature. The Crane’s movements are soft, relaxed and circular, but also very explosive which can be used in close or at a distance. The Crane also helps develop strength in the arms, fingers and wrists, as well as overall leg conditioning and ankle strength.


The Snake is noted for its suppleness and rhythmic endurance. It has the most internal Strength (chi) of all the other animals, and is also very cunning and deceptive in its fighting. The Snake can coil, zig-zag and use a rapid twisting motion to compensate for his lack of limbs. The Snake helps develop chi and the internal strengthening of the body and spirit.